September 27, 2004

Peri's Pet Parlor

Bethany and Kumo

Has it been a week already? I didn't notice -- been too busy watching the furniture in this place moving around again. I hate when it does that; you just can't trust furniture that don't stay put.

This is a pretty strange picture as far as I'm concerned. The hip cat with the cool collar on the right is Kumo, but I'm not sure what the creature on the left is. Looks like a bubble-headed alien to me, and...

A what?

Are you sure? Okay...

Mom says it's "an adorable baby named Bethany" and not a bubble-headed alien. I bet she don't stay put, either, and it looks like she's about to rip the smilies right off that collar. Before she comes after my bell, I'm outta here. Mom should have my spot on the bed all warmed up by now.

(Note from Maura: I'm sure if she knew how to link, Peri would have thanked Howard for the picture of his beautiful niece.)