September 20, 2004

Peri's Pet Parlor


Hey, people. This handsome devil is Elliott. Like me, as a kitten he was found wandering around where he shouldn't have been. And, like me, he was taken in by someone with a big, soft, squishy heart and given a great home. Gotta love that.

He's got two sisters, Sophie and Savannah, who Maura says you met already. You know they're keeping him in line and teaching him how to treat a girlcat. Maybe Elliott's mom will tell him about a certain someone who's single and interested in maybe sharing some catnip with him sometime. Yeah, he's a little younger than me, but I've still got fur in all the right places. So if he's cool with it, I could be the pussy for him.

Okay, time to scoot. I think Animal Planet is showing a special on my cousins, the big cats, and I want to pick up a few hunting tips.