February 21, 2004

Boohbah update

Well, the Boohbahs have made it to the big time as far as I'm concerned. They've made the leap from the humble pages of Slate, when I made an entry about them, to the lofty heights of VH1. They did a segment on the episode I just saw of "The Best Week Ever," and the semi-celebrities they had commenting on the show were all hypothesizing on which Boohbah is "the gay one." That pretty much elevates them to "Teletubbies" status, doesn't it? In the blog world, the real sign of having arrived will be when I see a "Which Boohbah are you?" quiz popping up on every other site I visit!

If you haven't visited their Web site yet, and really need a time-waster at work on Monday, turn down your speakers and have a ball. Booooohhh-baaahhhh!