February 24, 2004


I had lunch with a co-worker at Quiznos today. Yum! That brought to mind this article I'd recently read about their really weird commercials. My position on their new, furry little spokesrodents is simple: I can't stand them. In contrast, my position on their subs is the complete opposite: I adore them. Thankfully, I was able to endure one of their commercials long enough...okay, I didn't reach for the remote quickly enough...to hear about their dollar off promotion. You bring in a coupon, any coupon for anything, and they give you a dollar off a sub. If you don't have a coupon sitting around (and, if you don't, I imagine you're not the type to use one, so this is probably pointless, but anyway) you can go to the Quiznos site and print out a phony coupon to bring in. Though, personally, I just enjoy pulling the lever to see what comes up and be intrigued by the "sexy chick" coupons that never quite come fully into view.