February 27, 2004


And somehow gay marriage is more of a threat to our puritanical way of life in this country than this? How about the "sanctity" of being a child, unmolested by someone your parents and your religion told you to trust? Nah, let's just punish the consenting adults who made a mutual decision to share their lives and their love with each other. Because surely the Bible-quoting faithful who can find passage after passage to support the discrimination of the gay population can find something in there (a book which, by the way, I don't ever recall being designated as the charter of our country, I'm still laboring under the impression that it's the Constitution) to justify the defilement of innocent children by their religious mentors.

Oh, wait, that's a sin, too? Just like homosexuality is? Wow, so the Church was able to let this go on for decades (that we know about) to protect the priesthood from being sullied by the institution of marriage (even though that was all about greed and property back when it was put into place) but now they feel the need to protect the institution of marriage from being sullied by homosexuality.

Taking it one step further, all priests are men. The children that they've sexually abused were, according to the report above, were mostly male. Seems to me that therefore the Church has aided and abetted homosexuality all along as this went on, was reported, was known and covered up. Add to that the fact that having sex with a child is illegal based on our secular laws, and that every instance of abuse meeting the threshold of statutory rape was a crime against the state and not just against religious canon, and the pedophilic priests are as doubly guilty as the religious Right claims the gay people getting married are.

The utter hypocrisy of it all is absolutely mind-boggling.