February 16, 2004

Virtual chalklines

I have come to the conclusion that, for me, the blog world is like a giant game of hopscotch. For one reason or another, you start a game with one click that takes you to a blog. That click can take you to one, two, three or more other clicks to other blogs. Those blogs may take you to still other blogs or sites of interest. Then, depending on whether you reach the end of the line or you make a misstep (landing someplace iffy, tired, or just plain wrong), you go back to the start and take another click taking you to another blog or site. Sometimes you play alone until you get tired of it, sometimes you play with other people by blogging about the one out of 100 things that you deem worth sharing and they take that first click. It's kind of always the same in the way it's played, and always different because there are a couple million clicks available to take you on a new path.

Personally, I like this analogy so much that I may incorporate it into my description paragraph at the top. It's time to take away the explanatory text -- if the people who are reading this don't already know what it's all about at this point, they never will, and anyone new who stumbles onto it should be able to grasp it quickly enough -- and find a zippy way to sum it all up. I was hoping to know enough about HTML at this point that I would also be able to change the font color from that odd green that I find hard to read, but I haven't gotten there yet.

Speaking of changes, I've gotten the comment that it would be preferable for the links I provide to open up in new windows instead of the same one, requiring the use of the back button to return to the blog. I believe that I have now learned how to do that, thanks to a recent round of hopscotching to Calpundit, a blog I found and have been frequenting for the last few days and that I'm hoping will be my first successful attempt at making this work. ***UPDATE: It wasn't. I'll keep working on it*** I think his recent blog on Google is both apt and some small support for my hopscotch analogy.

Feedback on whether it's better with new windows -- if it works! -- would be most appreciated. :)