February 26, 2004

Scary local news

I just read this article about yet another elderly driver having an accident and hurting others upon mistaking the accelerator for the brake. Upsetting and traumatic for her, yes, but how about the young woman who is probably now bedridden for the remainder of her pregnancy?

I'd really like to know how many more of these stories we have to hear before AARP loosens its stranglehold on this issue in the U.S. It's not about age, it's about ability. In CA the law is changing for younger drivers, too, and I say hallelujah. I read that 16-year-old drivers have this hugely disproportionate number of accidents, so that change is needed. Coming to our senses and stopping people who have lost their ability to drive safely from having licenses is also needed.

I'd also like to know what actions (if any) were ever taken against the elderly gentleman in southern CA who plowed into that farmers' market and killed some people. Thankfully this story wasn't as serious -- that we're aware of -- but it could easily have been deadly, too. I wonder if we'll hear that this driver has also had other instances of minor accidents and near-misses lately that should have tipped someone in her life off to the fact that she should not be behind the wheel.