February 14, 2004

A penny for your thoughts?

As most of the people in my life know, I am a big fan of picking up pennies that I find out and about in the world. Okay, any coins, but pennies are definitely the most common find. I always seem to find them, I guess, because I'm always keeping an eye out for them. While found coins are my "specialty," I just like coins in general. That's why this site about "Smooshed Pennies" caught my eye. I don't always succumb to the temptation of making smooshed penny souvenirs when I find a machine while travelling (usually because it seems a little nuts to spend fifty cents to destroy one cent) but sometimes I do. Given that I have no good place to put them, I plan to send some of them to the person who runs this site -- she has far too few from California! I also found the hint on which kind of pennies smoosh best helpful. I had noticed that some come out a lot better than others, and now I know why. I was always trying to use the shiniest, newest penny I had and older ones work better because of their zinc.