February 25, 2004

We're getting screwed

Life in the Bay Area: Last night I paid $1.95 per gallon for gas in my car and considered myself lucky! Because I was stupid and I didn't stop for gas over the weekend when I meant to, my tank was near empty so filling it cost a lot. Given that the trend is continuing upward, I went ahead and filled it anyway since I figured I was getting a relative bargain. The two other places I passed on my way to the station I chose had their lowest grade price at $2.03 a gallon. This morning, one of those was up to $2.09 a gallon. And it's only going to keep going up!

I am so sick of being gouged by gas prices for living where I do. How the state can continue to look into this and not find that the prices are being fixed out of line with the rest of the country is beyond my comprehension. Hell, forget the rest of the country and just look at the rest of the state. If I lived in Smog Central down south, I'd be paying less. This has been seen time and time again.

For the time being, all I can do is continue to keep my eyes peeled for price fluctuations in the area (already a family hobby) and make the trek over to the area of San Jose where traditionally the prices have been lower when Costco isn't the better deal. For anyone local, I recommend this site for seeing where the prices are lowest.