March 07, 2005

Do a nice thing on a Monday

Please go visit panthergirl at The Dog's Breakfast today and leave a comment at this post.

Panthergirl works with a greyhound rescue group in NY that does great work in finding homes for these magnificent animals, and she has committed to making a $2 donation for the first hundred comments she gets today, with an additional $1 for every comment beyond that. Let's help her write out a big ol' check!

If you've never had the opportunity to meet a rescued greyhound, you'd probably be surprised. I know I was. I think we've all heard greyhounds characterized as very high-strung and nervous, but I got to know one very well a few years back while dogsitting for her and for the most part she was nothing like that.

I'm drawing a complete blank on her name at the moment (it's late!), but she was the sweetest thing who wanted to do nothing but play and snuggle. Even though she was taller than me when standing on her hind legs, she loved nothing more than to try to climb into my lap on the sofa as if she were a dog a quarter her size.

For the right family, they make wonderful pets and deserve good homes after years of racing. Groups like this need help to make sure that happens. I hope you'll take a moment and go leave a comment. Thanks.