March 04, 2005

Do you know this box? Well, don't eat it, it's got rocks in it.

This morning I stopped by my favorite local bakery, Copenhagen Crown Bakery, to pick up a little Friday bit of goodness to share. If you read the blurb about it, believe me, the name "Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake" does not do this creation justice. It is almost heaven on a plate. Sweet but not too sweet, flaky and light, but filling enough that you don't feel like you just ate an air-filled doughnut. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Mmmmm. But I digress...

While I was waiting for the guy behind the counter to get my treat ready (they didn't have any out in the case, but as soon as he saw me, he told me they had some in back that had just been made -- is it a good sign that he knows what I'm going to get before I say a word?), I saw what looked like the biggest Tiffany's box ever. Then I noticed that it was in the refrigerator. I realized that it was a huge cake done to look exactly like the famous robin's-egg blue box of so many womens' dreams.

I correctly surmised that it was for an engagement party -- when you are almost single-handedly keeping a place in business, you can ask questions like that -- and thought it was one of the most clever things I had ever seen. The baker had done a fabulous job and it truly looked precisely like the one above, right down to the bow. Surely it was unusual, right?

Shows how much I know. While doing a little search to find a picture to put here, I found an entire world of Tiffany box-inspired things! Did you know that out there exist: Tiffany box pinatas? Tiffany box cookies? "Tiffany aqua" boxes for wedding favors? Tiffany box Groom's cakes?

Well, they do. Not only that, but for the do-it-yourselfers out there, you can learn to make your very own Tiffany box cake! And, as if that weren't already enough, for the creative guy who would never dream of laying out the cash for an actual Tiffany ring (or other gift because, you know, I'm sure those are very nice, too...), you can find instructions on how to construct a Tiffany box out of jelly beans!

What an education this little exercise was. Oh, and in case all this Tiffany-ing has made you feel like doing some Fantasy Payday Shopping of your own, here's their site. If, on the other hand, you're just left wondering what all the fuss is about, here's a good story about the power of their brand that may help shed some light on the subject.