March 14, 2005

Mournful Monday

I promise, not another week of alliterative titles. But today it fits.

The death of a friend yesterday leaves me unable to come up with anything lighthearted to write here. When left to think for any length of time, I am swamped by sadness at the loss of a lovely woman who had so much of her personality stolen by illness toward the end of her life. I missed her already because of that, but knowing that she's really gone leaves me so hollow.

So I'm going to go use the time I would normally spend here writing to go sit, have some popcorn and think about some nice memories. Like how she was always so happy to see me, and how that smile made me feel so good. Like the last time that she and I spent time together before she began her decline and the little adventure we went on. And, on an entirely selfish note, how she was the one person I could count on to tell me I was beautiful when I really needed to hear it.

I miss you, Alice. And I hope that, if there is Heaven, you're as happy to be there with Ed Sr. as I am sorry to see you go there.