March 21, 2005

Random thoughts randomly presented

I am still sick. I spent the weekend sick. I went home early sick. I spent many hours at the doctor's today because I am sick. I mention this not in a bid for sympathy, but to give you the full picture of why I have so little of interest to say...again.

Because my focus has been so narrow for days --cough, cough, gag, cough, watch TV, sleep, eat, cough, repeat -- there are only a few things on my mind. And, as much as I have tried to come up with something to say apart from those things, it's no use. So, in no particular order, here are the top three things uppermost in my mind.

1. The Terri Schiavo situation. It's no longer just a "case," thanks to Congress, so I think "situation" is the best way to describe it. I think I made my position on it fairly clear in an earlier post, and I'm not interested in debating the matter.

There are only a couple of additional thoughts about it I want to share at this point:

A. If this does not spark a national movement, whether publicly or just individually, to get all adults to either make a living will or make sure all the relevant people in their lives know, without question, their wishes on the subject of "end of life" decisions, it will be a complete disgrace for our country.

B. I really, truly and sincerely hope that those of you who support the actions Congress has taken -- which I personally find ill-advised, hypocritical, dangerous and inappropriate in the extreme -- never, ever have reason to regret this slide down a very slippery slope in their own lives. The door has been opened, people. And, like Pandora's box, I don't think we'll be happy with the results.

2. The Retail Alphabet Game. I'm obsessed. I have gotten 17 out of the 26 in the 4th Edition since I linked it on Friday, and you would not believe the amount of time I have spent actually watching commercials and looking at signs along the road trying to identify those last two. "A" is making me nuts because I know I know it, but I just can't "see" it. Anyone want to help a sick chick out?

3. Playing Phlinx. I can't explain why I find this game so fascinating, but I do. I can, however, tell you why I've been playing a lot lately -- the current $3,500+ jackpot up for grabs. The coolest part about it is that it's not timed, so you can play a little, do something else (like blog), go back and play some more, without losing anything. That might explain why it took twice as long as usual to complete this.