March 08, 2005

"Use your library voice!"

I really enjoyed tonight's Amazing Race 7 and, while I'm still not going to do a recap -- after reading B-Side's recap for the first episode, I knew I'd made the right decision because I can't touch that -- I'll share some of my favorite moments.

I'd settled on counting "Survivor" references going forward, instead of picking back up the Baby Count. There were a number of lame and gratuitous ones in the first episode, so it seemed like a good bet. That was shot, however, when there were only a measly two the whole show while the "babys" were rolling fast and furious right off the bat. *sigh*

If I'd really wanted to be busy, I could have counted the number of times the racers said "Gracias." (Unless, of course, they were Joyce, who I would swear kept saying "Glassy-ass.") With the exception of Bianca, it's just about the only word in Spanish they all know and they feel the need to repeat it endlessly. Can we leave South America and go to Asia or somewhere non-Hispanic now?

Anyway, onto My Moments:

Emergence of a villain -- Without question, Rob. By the end, I was surprised he and Amber had any money left whatsoever, as he paid off and bribed pretty much anyone he could! I've never seen the likes of it on this show before; it was almost a thing of beauty.

Two camps (dare I call them "tribes"?) have emerged this season: Those who seriously dislike having Rob and Amber in the Race and won't be happy until they're eliminated; and those who like them and are cheering them on to the end. I firmly believe that anyone who doesn't fall into one of those two camps is someone not watching the show. I've already stated where I stand and tonight only reaffirmed my position. Without Rob in this season, I think it would be a hell of a lot less interesting and he and Amber have shown themselves to be viable players. I also firmly believe that people who continue to put forth the ridiculous idea that the producers are helping them so that they won't be eliminated too soon are just that -- ridiculous.

Favorite in-house comment during the Detour: "If Kendra were there, she'd have wanted to stop and do 'research' at that bookstore."

Favorite "Sure to be mentioned at TVgasm" quote from Lynn: "We're good at pulling up the rear!"

Best "duh" moment: The almost-eliminated Brian and Gregg running out of the library on the way to the Pitstop, yakking back and forth about the clue at a near-shout, when one (Gregg, I think) suddenly chastises the other by saying, "Shh, use your library voice!"

Second-best "duh" moment: The unfortunately not-almost-eliminated Debbie pointing out to Bianca that the clearly marked 6:40AM bus is the earliest one to leave in the morning.

Biggest downside to Rob and Amber being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop (Ha! Take that Rombah-hatahs!) and winning a trip from Travelocity -- They have to take the gnome along with them.