March 03, 2005

Fantasy Payday Shopping

Does everyone else love payday as much as I do? There is something about the thrill of seeing your bank account balance jump, checking over how much of your hard-earned money is actually not going to taxes, seeing how much has gone into your retirement account, and delighting in what your vacation time balance is up to. It makes my day...I just wish it made my day a little more often.

I understand why many companies (if not all, I don't know) have gone to the every-two-week payday instead of every week, but I miss the weekly thing. It's also harder for me to remember exactly when I get paid. So each payday I have a little reminder pop up first thing in the morning at work. Then I go out and treat myself to a really nice lunch because, well, I can. (To the person who is shaking his head and thinking, "If you compounded the interest on each of those lunches, you could have a downpayment on a house in about 20 years": Quiet. And you know who you are.) It's my reward for slogging through the prior two weeks with only (relatively) minor complaining.

But in the interest (Ha ha. Get it? Anyway...) of not actually going out on shopping spree on paydays, I'd like to introduce Fantasy Payday Shopping. So long as I can remember to do it, and don't get tired of the idea, I'll plan to share some things that I would otherwise be tempted to go out and buy just because I like them and I'm feeling flush in the ol' money department, even though I don't really need them. Which is most things, come to think of it, but that's really neither here nor there.

Fantasy Item 1: The Chrome Cell Phone Flask - I'm not that big of a drinker, but this is the coolest flask I've ever seen.

Fantasy Item 2: The Hello Kitty iPod mini - I don't have any intention of getting an iPod, but if I were going to get one, this is the one I'd have to get. Until they come out with a purple version, that is. They already have a U2 version; who's to say that Prince won't eventually do one?

Fantasy Item 3: Tierra Y Luna Rugs - I have absolutely no idea where I'd put these, but I think they're very cool.

Anyone else want to shop with me? Feel free to share your coveted would-be purchases.