March 30, 2005

That road

You know, that road...the one paved with good intentions? Yeah, that one. It's a one-way road, you know, and so thick with litter that ol' Oscar the Grouch would be right at home.

I had good intentions last night. I watched Amazing Race and actually had a few things in mind to post. But I was thwarted! Thwarted, I say, by none other than Blogger.

When I went to try to condense my thoughts on two hours of viewing into something that wouldn't put you to sleep, Blogger had other ideas. I couldn't even get to their home page. I don't know what was up, but I know it went on for a while. I eventually realized that it simply wasn't going to work and called it a night.

I really can't complain about Blogger; I know they're not the best, but I have had so few problems with them over the last year that, on the whole, it has been a happy relationship. I can give them this one. I don't really believe in "signs" all that much, but I know when I'm up against something bigger than me and this was one of those times.

So, while I'm not entirely thrilled with the ongoing "CBS has put the fix in for Rob and Amber" conspiracy theory being perpetuated in the recaps at TVgasm, I would direct you there (to read the post that I'm sure will be up soon), until such time as I can get to my own would-be post from last night.