March 23, 2005

Here comes Peter Mallowtail, hopping down the candy trail.

In case you haven't been paying attention, Easter comes around very early this year. Yes, we're only days away from another visit by the Easter Bunny.

Want to do something special for your baskets this year? Did you know you could eschew the mundane and not merely buy the ultimate Easter candy all pre-packaged and perfect and shiny?

Thanks to the fine folks at Wham-o, now you can make your own Peeps!

And because you're going to have so much fun and success in making them (but note the coupon in the box for the maker, just in case you, um, don't), you can also buy refill packages.

I'm not going to go out of my way to find one, but it definitely sounds like a good follow-up to the Great Cotton Candy Experiment to me. (Pictures aren't working on that post, sorry. They've disappeared.) Does anyone else feel that something is missing without their little stamped-on faces, though?

I've noticed that Peeps are huge this year. Not only are the candy cuties out in force at the stores, but they now also have a line of Peeps Easter baskets, a selection of stuffed plush Peeps toys, and a bunch of other stuff. And if all this is getting you as giddy as I am at the mere idea, you can even join the Peeps Fan Club! But if that's going a little too far, you could just send one of their e-cards to the Peeps fan in your life. (Rita, please pretend you didn't read that and act surprised when you get one from me, okay?)

Well, I feel that my Easter preparedness work here is done. Go forth and Peep!