March 11, 2005

Thoughts from the morning after

Well, that was quite a party!

Thanks again to all the people who came by and said hi from Michele's -- it was a pleasure to have you. There were so many offers of spoons and even one proposal. (Tammy, as tempting as that is, I have to decline. Your hubby sounds like a good guy and I wouldn't want him braving it up there in the cold all by himself!)

I hope those who were here for the first time will stop by again soon...and that those of you who have been by before won't be so shy now that you've broken the ice! I'm looking forward to stopping by to visit each of you throughout the weekend.

Having so many new people come by, on top of a couple of discussions over the last few days about maintaining privacy on blogs, made me think about what people might learn about me from reading here. The best answer I could come up with is "A lot and not much at all."

It is accurate to say that I'm a pretty private person in general, not just here. You'll notice that there's no "About me" or "100 Things" list -- I have nothing against them, they're just not my style. But at the same time, everything I write is a little piece of who I am...and who I'm not. Because, in my typically perverse way, I think knowing who someone is not can be as telling as knowing who they are.

So, instead of telling you things about who I am, I am presenting -- for better or for worse -- a list of ten things I am not and will never be, in no particular order.

I will never be:
10. Ghetto-fabulous.
9. Someone kept alive by artificial means for a ridiculous period of time, because my family is very, very clear on my wishes (and has been for years) just in case the worst ever happens.
8. The owner of a ferret.
7. A Nobel prize-winning mathematician.
6. A billionaire.
5. An award-winning singer. A famous singer. A singer.
4. A Republican
3. Someone who turns down a Krispy Kreme doughnut because I'm being "good."
2. A shoe-lover.
1. A SaberKitten.

(While I have no illusions that this is something that will interest everyone, and don't expect to see it making the rounds, if anyone else feels like sharing who they aren't, I'd be pleased to hear about it. If you think about it, it's kind of a blog version of the "I never" drinking game. Sláinte!)