March 31, 2005

Fantasy Payday Shopping

There wasn't anything much out there that captured my imagination last payday, so I skipped this. But there were a couple things that caused that covetous little glint in my eye lately, so I thought I'd share.

The PC EZ Bake Oven - Could make those late-night crunches bearable if you can whip up a little snack without even leaving your desk!

The New Shelby Cobra GT500
- What better machine to tool around in as spring hits its stride? You have to click on the link to see the pictures in a pop-up, but it's worth it.

Eleven on Top - The upcoming novel from Janet Evanovich, who is one of my favorite authors, not to mention one of the very, very few whose books I will actually shell out for in hardback. Every book in the Stephanie Plum series is a hoot and I am always looking forward to the next one.

Google Gulp - This latest "must have" from those wacky guys over at Google is truly in the realm of fantasy, seeing as how you can't even buy it. (My favorite part is really the "Frequently asked questions," but maybe you have to deal with them as often as I do to really appreciate them.) If anyone scores a Glutamate Grape, can I have it? In case you hadn't noticed, I really like purple -- I'll trade you a couple dozen Gmail invites for it...

Have a lovely Friday and welcome to April.