August 06, 2004

Coming up for air

Q: What does it mean when there are over five hours between the time you write a title for a post and when you start to write the actual post?

A1: That work is too darned busy for a Friday;

A2: That I shouldn't even be attempted to post from work!

And here I thought it was going to be a relatively "easy" day at the old workplace. Always a dangerous feeling to have because it almost never works out that way!

Being that it was "one of those days," I'm going to go with something I found yesterday and thought I'd like to share. I suppose this article could be viewed as a metaphor on how life can be painful and difficult, but one should never give up hope because little miracles do happen, but let's just call it a cute cat story and call it a day because I'm a little too weary to get philosophical and fully explore that idea right now.

Oh, that and the very unusual event of some of my co-workers actually going out for drinks after work is taking place and I need to get the heck out of here. Cheers!