August 27, 2004

Google My Poogle

I am extremely fortunate in that my new abode comes equipped with a swimming pool. And I must say that there is really nothing like being able to step out to the backyard on a warm evening and step into the pool. It was a very good way to end a difficult week, to just splash around like a fool and shake off the stress. It left me feeling pretty languorous and relaxed, so I wasn't up for much more than watching TV (Olympics, of course) and doing a little surfing and online shopping.

I was snapped out of my drowsiness by one of the first items I found. There should be a law against any Silicon Valley company using the term "bling-bling" at their online stores. (I think it would be too much to ask that just no one use it anymore.)

The Google Store™, I learned from the Google™ Blog, has been revamped and improved. (Really good to know since I didn't realize that there was a Google Store until today.) I considered giving in to the allure of the shiny, flashy, pretty thing calling out to me. But, as we've seen, I'm not Google Material anyway, especially since I completely bite at all things mathematical. So I guess I can save the two and a quarter needed to buy it, let alone the almost six dollars needed to ship it to me.

But, hmmm...if I throw in an umbrella, which clearly is something no one can live without, the shipping is only a buck more. If I took my cool light-up Googly pin and stuck it to my even cooler light-up Googly umbrella, I think I'd be one stylin' great Googly-Moogly blingmeister meisterbling. Don't you?

Yes, you're right -- it's time for me to go to sleep.