August 24, 2004

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging

Yeah, I'll say it's back to regular -- this post was lost not once, but twice. (And yes, I both saved it within Blogger and by doing a text copy before I saved -- neither one did the job in the end, I don't know why.) The heavy irony here is that I was in the middle of lauding the wonderfulness of my newly reconnected DSL when things went kaplooie. Now I don't get to use my Ferrari metaphor, and I do so love a good metaphor.

The problem is that I don't have anything much else to say. Kerry's appearance on The Daily Show was, as expected, interesting, but nothing to write home about. The piece on the Queens gas station owner who got his ass kicked by Getty for daring to go against them and lower the price of gas to unacceptable levels was more compelling.

So I'll mention my two new favorite reality TV blogs, where I get a kick out of reading their takes on The Amazing Race and Big Brother 5. This is kind of cheating because I already mentioned one of them earlier today, Too Much Free Time. Written by three people and covering a broad range of all things TV, they keep it brief and they keep it funny.

The second blog, TVgasm, has already made it on to my links list -- not that I imagine this is any sort of huge honor from their perspective, of course, just that I liked it enough right away to make the effort (since I don't use BlogRoll or the like) to go edit my template already, which I do as infrequently as possible -- but I don't think I've talked about it here. This is another team-written blog (hey, it takes a lot of hands on deck to cover the vast expanse of Reality TVLand) with five contributors, though I believe I've seen only three of them at work since I started reading. If you watch any of the current reality shows and have a sense of humor, you should stop by. The video they put together about the not-so-subtle homoerotic undercurrent between two now-evicted BB5 contestants, Scott and Jase, has become the stuff of legend. I can't wait for each week's recap of Amazing Race because it always cracks me up with how dead-on and creative it is.

Oh, and for those of us who are counting, there are only 22 more days until Survivor: Vanuatu premieres.