August 23, 2004

Feelin' Frisky

No, not that kind of frisky, Mr. Cunningham. More like "tell the world how I really feel" kind of frisky.

"If I have to see that stupid McDonald's commercial that they've played a half-million times during the Olympics with the wacko woman in pukey green defending her dumb chicken strips against an empty room one more time I'm gonna hurl" kind of frisky.

"If I ever catch the jerky chick at work who leaves her disgusting mess in the ladies' room because she's too freaking lazy and inconsiderate to turn the hell around before leaving the stall, I'm probably going to be fired" kind of frisky.

You know, "go ahead and bump into me one more time with that damned shopping cart while we're waiting in line because you're impatient and busy trying to keep your whiny kids from putting their sticky hands on everything in sight and I'm going to shove that cart so far up where the sun don't shine that it will take a team of proctologists a week to figure out where you start and the cart ends" kind of frisky.

So now that I'm all good and worked up, allow me to direct you to a site that accurately captures my enmity towards all things Hummer, FUH2, "...home of the official Hummer H2 salute." (Thanks to Sean for the link!) Some of the submitters could work on their language skills, but the spirit is there and I'm all about its spirit. Some of the stories about Hummer drivers reacting to the salute are downright scary examples of road rage based on next-to-nothing.

I'm usually somewhat embarrased to live in a state with a huge Hummer proponent as its governor (Reg. or BugMeNot required) and where you'll probably find the largest proportion of Hummer owners -- and, consequently, more pictures on the FUH2 site -- so having the chance to join the saluters makes me smile.

Not-so-gentlepersons lumbering around in H2s, start your guzzler engines and the rest of us will warm up the digital cameras.