August 30, 2004

Temporary blog detour -- please obey all signs

This was one of those days when I didn't have that much in the tank and there was, apparently, only one post floating around in there. I was so ticked off when I read an article about the absurdly light punishment meted out to the jerk who assaulted a runner mid-marathon at the Olympics that I couldn't keep it all bottled up for another 11 hours. (The fact that I was having yet another crappy day at work may have had something to do with it. Who knows.) So the cork was popped and the rest of the bottle went flat before I dragged my sorry self home.

So, in what is actually not intended to be shameless self-promotion, I must to point you to my other blog for today's post. Really, there's not a lot to promote. The poor thing has suffered terribly from inattention since its inception because it takes me so long to write; most days it's all I can do to crank out one here. Eventually I'll get around to updating it and adding the features I've fought with long enough to smush into the template here. Or, at least, one can hope.