August 17, 2004

German highway fun with a side of Google

There are times when I despair of the traffic here in Silicon Valley. It's not as bad as L.A., but it can be pretty bad. But then I read a story like this one and I remember that I don't have it so bad. No one makes a full-time job out of reporting all the stupid and wacky accidents that happen here like they obviously do in Germany.

They do make a full-time job out of speculating on the forthcoming Google IPO these days, however. Like most everyone else in the area (or so I imagine), I've checked out jobs at Google over the years and sometimes wished I had found a position there because it seems like a pretty cool place to work overall and they have been pretty liberal with the ol' stock options. But it just never came to pass, and I've come to believe that stock options in tech companies aren't always the boon they at first appeared to be, so I found my peace with not being Googleworthy.

Now I'm kind of glad I don't work there because the constant litany of "Will they or won't they?" following the burst of the dot-com bubble (and, with it, IPO-mania), which morphed into the "When will they finally?" over the last year, and has become "How much will it go for?" in the last couple months, would make me dotty. And, hey, who really needs to become a paper millionaire anyway? Nope, not me.