August 25, 2004

"H" is for hardbody

Day 12 of the Summer Olympics is in the books, and there are only four more days to go. Swimming is history and track & field (which won the poll, by the way) is in full swing. There have been upsets, injuries, and controversies along with the usual inspirational stories, tears, and victory laps. If medal count is your thing, the US, China, and Australia are the top three and have hauled in a combined 170 medals.

Because of a terrible lapse in judgment on my part, the choice of "beach volleyball" was not included in the last poll. I had no idea it would be such a popular event, and I neglected to single it out. So, in honor of H (the underachiever), there is a new poll up that gets to the heart of the matter. If you check out his site, with its temporary name change, you will be in no doubt as to how he will be voting. But because I don't want him to have to choose between his favorite twosome -- I believe he said something about "an H sandwich" -- I hope he'll be delighted to learn that he can vote for them both, just to be fair.

If you're interested in a non-media perspective of the Olympics, check out this fun blog coming to us from Athens from a Brit who really gets around. It's like being there at the Games...well, like being there with a stuffed bird and a digital camera. Don't ask, just go see.

Administrative matters:
1. There is a new function available in Blogger that I have enabled today. You can now e-mail a link to a post to someone you think would enjoy it. (If you e-mail it for any other reason, I really don't want to know about it.) Click on the little envelope-with-an-arrow icon that is right next to (what I just learned is) the permalink of each post, which appears as the time of the post. I have not actually tried it out yet, so if you feel like being a guinea pig for me and giving it a whirl, let me know how it goes.

2. Zero-comment days really suck. I guess none of you (or at least those of you who are usually willing to comment!) are into the reality TV thing much.