August 10, 2004

A whole new way to go postal

I got my head handed to me yesterday (figuratively, of course) for taking the time to write yesterday's entry -- long story, boring story, annoying story -- so today's post is going to be very short and saccharine-sweet. You know, more calories with less effort.

Today, I think I discovered the height of megalomania in America. Now, you can put the image of your precious child, dog, cat, iguana, house, spouse, domestic partner or even your own ugly mug on the envelope of your annoying "Here's how great my family was this year" letters at the holidays. No more trying to avoid the "undesirable" stamps at the post office -- pay over twice the going postage rate and have your very own personalized stamps made!

I think there should be an affidavit you must sign stating that you will never again complain about the cost of postage in this country if you elect to get these stamps for yourself.