August 02, 2004

Giving the ol' Site Meter a rest

And, apparently, there's no better way to do that than by not being able to blog for quite a few days! There are about another two weeks of this madness left, but things are going to be so much nicer in my "real life" that it's really quite worth it.

In the meantime, two items I'd like to address quickly while I wind down my work day. (Shhh --don't tell!)

1. Could someone PLEASE explain to me why people keep doing searches for "AARP (television) commercial(s) ping" on a near-daily basis?? This has been the most puzzling referral trend I have detected.

Because, back who-knows-when, I had a post that talked about AARP having a stranglehold on the issue of states imposing tougher drivers license requirements (that could potentially limit the ability of older drivers to retain their privilege to drive, in the hopes that a person's diminished capacity to drive would not result in another innocent person's death) and, on the same page, mentioned some weird commercials being run by Quiznos, plus the title of the blog, oodles of people have landed here.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what it is that they're looking for. I've clicked on some of the other links that come up in that search, but there is nothing that I can find that links the word "ping" to anything having to do with "AARP commercials."

If you have found this post by means of doing that search -- or one like it -- you would really make my day if you would take a second and drop a line in the comments about what it is you're hoping to find.

2. While cat blogging is on hiatus (don't forget, that's Norman's fault; who, I might add, seems to really miss it because he has mentioned cat blogging at least twice on his site in the last week...), here's a little something to tide you over. (Thank you to Kimberly for the link)