August 12, 2004

Let the Poll begin!

The results from the last poll were clear - more of you have a green thumb than not. Go forth and help your less fortunate friends and neighbors!

It's well past time for a new poll, but nothing came to mind until I realized that I was curious about what events other people looked forward to watching when the Summer Olympic games roll around. So please take a minute and go check out the current poll. Once again, the options are listed alphabetically, so as not to risk skewing the very scientific results. I am aware that there are many events not represented, but capturing them all would have made for a very long list. When in doubt, select "The oddballs" or pick your second-favorite.

Knowing what fantastic powers of persuasion I possess and how eager my devoted audience is to show their admiration -- in a measure only slightly less than my own self-delusion -- I will reserve my vote until a few others have come in.

Oh, and if you're curious about the full slate of events, and when they're being held, check out this page from the official Games site. (Let me know if it took you as long as it took me to figure out exactly what the hell the double row of numbers at the top of the first section represents.) Happy viewing!