August 19, 2004

There are Happy Meals...

...and there are happy meals. This year, the venerable McDonald's Happy Meal turns 25. The meal that launched a million "MommyMommyMommyMommyMommyMommy!" litanies and a thousand movie tie-ins is now old enough to rent a car.

Likewise, the restaurant that has sparked a million thoughts of, "Oh, momma!" is about to make its mark in Sin City. It strikes me as a little like taking coals back to Newcastle, but if it provides an opportunity for a couple hundred women in the Las Vegas area to don super-shiny stockings and outfits that are only two sizes too small while slinging pretty decent chicken dishes, it's fine by me.

Hey, maybe Hooters Air can start flying into Vegas and the air Hootesses can earn some extra money on their layovers doing a couple of shifts at the hotel. Really, the tie-in opportunities are almost limitless; Hooters has just introduced a new line of chips...Vegas, with me? Poker might never be the same.

And how about a Hooty Meal? Men will be lining up around the block for a chance to unwrap the special prize in every box if they market it right. The packs of guys who do those prototypical weekends in Vegas can unwind in the restaurants and lounges of the hotel after their rounds of golf and marathon craps sessions and be assured that what Hooters in Vegas, stays in Vegas.