June 03, 2004

Can you read me now? Good!

I just got a notice from my wireless blogging company. It seems I've exceeded my maximum "word allotment" for posts this week and the overage charges are a killer. But you know how it is -- you select a plan with too many words and it's just a waste, select a plan with too few and you get slammed.

Can you tell how completely fed up I am by the constant onslaught of wireless phone ads? Radio, TV, print, Web -- every time you turn around you're getting hit with yet another ad for how this plan is better than that plan.

But that's not actually what I have to say today. No, at a blog I visited for the first time today, Doctor J's Words, Words, Words -- he obviously found a far better plan than did I -- I found a link that was simply too good for me not to share.

Smuggled out of the den of our 41st President, somewhere deep in the heart of Kennebunkport, and published for all the world to see we have little Bushy's progress report. He's just not working up to his potential. I think someone needs a "time out" and should be sent to his room to think about just what he's done. As he's at the brink of being expelled, however, I fear he'll use that time to come up with ways to suck up to the faculty. Maybe it's time for Papa to take him out to the woodshed and have a little talk with him. He'll just have to use small words.