June 09, 2004

Go Fish

I did not accomplish as much today as I should have. I was distracted. There really is no need to elaborate on whether this was at work or otherwise, as I'm sure it's completely irrelevant, right? The blame for this distraction rests squarely on the shoulders of one man.

Much as I enjoy his blog, his comments here, and the occasional e-mail, the way I see it Cbeck now owes me at least a couple hours of wasted time. I'm sure his post today was an innocent attempt to provide some entertainment to people just like me, trapped in a cubicle farm all day (not that I necessarily even read his blog from my cubicle, only that it defines how I spend the majority of my day, right?) and in desperate need of a diversion from time to time.

But I have discerned the truth: this simple little game is actually pure evil. Deceptive in its simplicity, magnificently challenging, addictive at its core -- some cruel person has inflicted it upon the world and it's up to people like us to spread the "joy."

Good luck.