June 25, 2004

Play ball!

Just as the first game in the annual "Bay Bridge Series" between my beloved San Francisco Giants and the less-than-beloved Oakland A's is about to begin, we have a Top Ten list! (Courtesy of the Giants and Major League Baseball.)

10 reasons it's better to be a Giants fan than an A's fan:

1. Mr. Barry Lamar Bonds

2. You get to sing along with Tony

3. We've actually won a pennant in the last decade

4. Three franchise 500 homer hitters (Mays, Ott, Bonds)

5. Mount Davis: what a view ... not!

6. Jason Schmidt

7. Splash Hits -- Giants: 34, A's 0

8. No dot racing

9. You can't kayak in the Coliseum parking lot

10. Sourdough bread and Ghiradelli chocolate

So grab a cold one, a dog and a bag of Cracker Jacks (peanuts are too messy), and watch the first place team in the National League West take on their sometimes-great, sometimes-hapless cross-bridge rivals. Since the first set of games is at the Coliseum I definitely won't be going, but I'll be watching on TV and cheering...much to my neighbors' annoyance at times, I'm sure. Go Giants!