June 02, 2004

Food: Bad? Food: Good! Food: Good? Food: Bad.

As it has been far too long since we had a Krispy Kreme mention here, grab a cup of joe and lick the glaze off your fingers!

But wait, first is a topic that has been nearer and dearer to my heart for far longer -- chocolate. (Fat Dude, you can tune out here and pick it up again at the next paragraph!) Oh yes, chocolate, that rich, sinful, creamy and meltingly delectable nectar of the gods that has affected many a life. At a tender young age they took me to specialists who poked and prodded, tested and teased, measured and re-measured, in order to diagnose exactly what was going on. The determination: Chocoholic, through and through. The treatment: Enjoy it! So I have sought to fulfill that dictate most every day of my life. And really, I never imagined that it would really be a kind of therapy. But according to this article, it can be. I'm a little ticked that they didn't ask me to be in the study -- I mean, it's not like my number isn't engraved in their little brown book -- but I think the results are pretty terrific. Why the heck shouldn't something that has been both extolled and maligned over the years in the ebb and flow of the dictates of dieting finally find some vindication? And I only have a year to wait until I can check out the Chocolate Tour when it oozes into the Bay Area.

While it's not dark chocolate, what better place to put it than on top of a Krispy Kreme doughnut? (You "It's gotta be Original Glazed or nothing" folks can take a hike to another purist's blog for today, if you'd like.) Just don't try to do a good deed with said indulgence, because someone will probably come down on you for it, like in this article. In light of all the news stories we're seeing about the Obesity Epidemic ("Tonight, on Channel 3 at eleven: Obesity on the rise. Is your favorite food making you fat? Could it kill you? Tune in for our special report from Dr. Dave who explains why every bite you take could put you one step closer to an oversized coffin. Join us for the nightly news, sponsored by Burger King.") and how pretty much all aspects of the American diet are screwed up -- from the lunches for kids in schools being almost completely lacking in nutritional value to the meteoric popularity of the wacky low-carb Atkins diet their parents are hooked on, even though most of them probably don't even actually understand what a carb is (thanks to April for the link) -- I think a fat-filled fundraiser is probably the least of our problems.

So someone pass me the Assorted dozen box and no harm will come to you. Stand between me and my Krispy Kreme, however, and look out! Doughnuts, yummmm.