June 16, 2004

Fasten those seat belts, bumpy ride or not.

Just when I get my focus back, Nature turns around and slaps me dizzy again. Due to an apparent momentary power loss at some point yesterday, and the temporary unavailability of my in-house computer guru (who is off vacationing, but calling daily to torture me about the fact that I am at work and he is not), I was without an Internet connection yesterday evening. Very unfair, since, unlike the last few days, I knew what I was going to post about before I even got home!

But thanks to the electronic tether that is the cell phone, I was able to corral him to (once again) remind me how to reset the DSL connection. It hadn't been out of commission in so long that I had forgotten how, much to my inner geek's everlasting shame, I'm sure.

So now I'm delightfully back on track...well, delightful for me anyway. And in that wonderful way in which delay can sometimes be a good thing, today is an even more appropriate day for the posting I'd planned to make. It's almost kismet, really, isn't it?

Today was the first day of service for Independence Air, a new low-cost airline operating just on the East coast at first. (This is the "delay is a good thing" part -- I didn't know yesterday that they were launching today.) In trying to establish itself in a unique way, the airline has hit upon having celebrities tape the pre-takeoff safety spiel, to be demonstrated as needed by the flight attendants. In case you're not booked on a flight with them anytime soon but just can't wait to hear these rather unique variations on something that is normally a complete snooze-fest, have I got the site for you. My favorite is the first one, though I didn't bother listening to the last one because that particular person annoys me greatly nowadays.

I imagine that it will at least catch people's attention, even if it doesn't actually make them listen to the content. After all, isn't that what the safety cards are there to do? (With thanks to BytchInNY for the link.)