June 17, 2004

Sex Takes a Beating

Now there's a title that could make for some interesting search results! But it's not as provocative as it sounds.

In case you didn't take a look at the results of the first poll before it ended, the overwhelming favorite (with 50% of the vote) for the ranking of three great things in life was: Sleep, Food, Sex. This was, alas, not the order I selected, but it was interesting to see the order my coworker chose find such validation! Overall, I'd have to say Sex didn't fare too well. Interesting when the most time-honored tenet in marketing is "Sex sells."

Today, in honor of Flip and Chris, please hoist your glasses for the poll for this week about that nectar of the demi-gods, beer. Which best describes your approach to ordering a pint?

Thank you and remember to tip your servers.