June 09, 2004

Too Much Time on My Hands

No, this is not a tribute post to that semi-great band of the 70s and 80s, Styx. It's more of a tribute to the madness of the DIY trend. I think it's great that people have decided to worship at the altar of Home Depot, but at what point is enough too much? I do believe that today, I may have found it.

I simply find the idea of hanging this beyond the pale. Until it was done, wouldn't you feel as though you were living in a bad Sunday comic strip, abandoned by the artist because he needed to go caulk his tub? Or in a nightmare of the paint-by-numbers projects of your youth -- unfinished, unloved, unfulfilled -- because the siren call of the ice cream truck took you outside on a sunny day?

The only logical place I can imagine putting this is in your kid's room, so he or she will have something creative to do when sent there for sticking a younger sibling's head down the toilet you installed yourself. After a years of making the child live with the results before sending them off to art school, you get on Trading Spaces and, in an orgy of DIY bliss, turn it into the office of your dreams. Of course, sections of the paper will be cut out and framed in a highly artistic, though cheap, way and hung in said office so you can gaze lovingly at your child's aesthetic development while you devise ways to spend their inheritance.