June 05, 2004

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Soda!

Told you I was over my word limit -- Blogger wouldn't let me in last night! So a rare weekend post to make up for it now that my counter has been reset. I won't tell you which portion of my soul I had to sell in order to make that happen. Let's just say that the gates in my eternal future may not be pearly.

Right now I'm waiting for the Belmont Stakes to start, where hopefully Smarty Jones will become a name added to the list of Triple Crown winners. While waiting, I thought I'd have a nice, cold, refreshing beverage. Setting aside for another time discussion about my affinity for ample amounts of ice in my drinks, when I'm thirsty I vacillate between preferring iced tea and carbonated beverages. But when I choose a carbonated drink, it's "soda." It has always been "soda" and will always be "soda" to me. And now I know why that is -- both of the places where I've lived the majority of my life are "soda" regions. Which term do you use? Take a look at this map and see if it corresponds to where you spent your formative years.

The race is just about to begin, so I'm going to get a refill, sit back and enjoy the action. Go Smarty!

Update: If you want to participate in the collection of data for this debate, go here and submit your preferred term. The only thing I don't care for is their conclusion. How erroneous!

Oh and Smarty lost, Philly mourns and I wish I'd had a ticket for Birdstone.