June 22, 2004

Give a dog a bone

Looks like I'm just in a mood for games this week. Taking a break from the one yesterday that I still can't solve, I found an amusing game at Flip's site. (If it's links you want -- to check out after the workday -- this is the place!) This game, Dog Toy or Marital Aid, is probably one you won't want to play at work if you've got nosy co-workers, but when you do check it out, you'll be amazed at how difficult it can be to tell them apart.

I did surprisingly well in the Warm-Up Round...all that time spent in the pet toy aisle looking for one of the half-million cat toys I've bought really paid off. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) But the Difficult Round took it up a notch and I only got half of them right.

I'll never look at a Kong the same way again, though, that's for sure. (I can't recommend the cat version all that highly, by the way. Once she'd ripped off the ears and whiskers portion, Peri had very little interest in it. 'Cause I know you were wondering.)